Friday, 30 December 2016

Independence of Living is seniors's Right

Today morning I received a phone call from senior would like to be the member of Madhur Bhav. He had called me three to four times earlier too. He came in the morning and wanted to take the admission immediately and had brought the chequebook with him, I told him that Ajoba we need your son to be here to take admission and let me speak to him, on his request he said that he will stay here and will not go back home. I allowed him to stay with us for a day.
When he started speaking about his trouble at home, all my seniors had similar stories around. It breaks my hearts when a fight is over some trivial issues. I kept thinking what complaints made by seniors are genuine or no since we don’t know the other part of stories I console the seniors and advise him.
Senior had lost his wife and children took a decision to sell the village house and advise him to stay in Pune.  He has decided to stay with younger son who has the bigger flat.  After few months, daughter in law started behaving is very indifferently and not giving him food in time, asking them to adjust too much for breakfast, low volume for radio. It hurts when you make verbal Abuse. Senior had good time and evening six o’clock his son came to Madhur Bhav and told him go and sit in the car  ( very demanding Voice ) and asked us how much to pay for one day.Senior refuse to go back and I keep wondering who was right, I am happy at least that son feel for father and don’t want him to be part of Madhur   Bhav and at same time why  Senior can’t take his own decision to stay, where the dignity of life is well maintained and their independence till last breath.  Senior Community Living is the need of an hour.