Monday, 28 November 2016

Saying goodbye is difficult .

I was   in office at Madhur Bhav , one relative comes with the fair elegant lady ( age 67) . she came to see the facility as she is alone in Pune and her daughter is the USA  ,  she look around and said it's very impressive building and may in future when my daughter is in Pune will think of staying here., I did ask her about her family background , to my surprise she was staying close to our house many years back and had very good bungalow ( now it is Big commercial building worth 8-9 cr. ) 
I thank them for the visit  , her relatives brought two bags of clothes and said Kaku now you have to stay here only as they were to take admission in next month . I could see her expression and could not control my tears and went outside . I resolve myself saying that we really don’t know the other part of the story . We at Madhur Bhav  provide the place for their independence till the last breath . Initially, she was getting well dress for any festivals at MadhurBhav and got herself engage and I too was happy that irrespective rushing in admission where her choice was not there and came as surprise element ,  after many years she became ill and into semi-coma where all my staff was praying to relieve her from pain . 
Months passed by her daughter came from abroad to see , she was in pain to see her mother 
Ajji  had lost her son at the very young age of 38 due to heart attack and even before 10 days passed , she threw her pregnant daughter in law out of  the house in fear of property  to be claimed by her .( insecurities )  I can't imagine the struggling daughter in law gone through. But who has nobody God is always with them ?After many years on death bed , she is wanting to see  her daughter in law and grandson. 

Where daughter in law refuses to visit her in last days. I believe that sometimes death settles all the issues related to life .Ajji wanted to seek permission to die , seek forgiveness . Death makes you realized your deeds were wrong and then you try to settle them after many years . Human relations are like glass , one should handle with care before it breaks.
Sometimes saying goodbye to life is difficult .
Ajji passed away in three months without seeing her daughter in law and grandson.