Sunday, 28 January 2018

Maitri Madhur Sahjeevan

A regular visit to bliss, it was. but; it gave me a totally different perception of the connections and emotional bondings, madhurbhavians have with one another. It was a wonderful experience.
Mrs.Kulkarni is now at an advanced stage of dementia. Where her conversation is absolutely vague. One sentence has no relevance to the next.Even before you ask her, to introduce herself,  She will start with where she comes from, what's the areas name, roads, landmarks and then suddenly jump to discussing about children and then say something about a distant niece, her job profile with Air-India, etc . and it goes on to losing track in a few seconds.
We have another senior age 103 Years ( Wakalkar Ajoba), he is fit and well versed in conversing. he shares his life story with everyone and also at intervals, sneaks around in the kitchen for sweets😉.
During the group activities, we observed that mrs.kulkarni connected to wakalkar ajoba as a friend. she would try to communicate with him, work on the activity as a team, soon they started having the lunch together.They are concerned about each other's well being. If one does not turn up for any activity, the other will inquire. Peep in the room and confirm that they are alright.
Even Kulkarni's  granddaughter realized this when she came to visit with her child and Mrs Kulkarni introduced them to Mr.wakalkar. she questioned him, what are you gifting your great-grandchild’.
It was so beautiful, to see, her great-grandchild, now became his also.
this feeling of Sahjeevan (living together, bonding over emotions, caring.)
everyone here is connected to each other as a friend, confidante, or something else. but; they are together heading and leading their second innings in the most amazing manner ever.
now, that truly is a MADHUR BHAV (SWEETEST FEELING)