Tuesday, 28 February 2017

When care brought a will to LIVE LONG, HEALTHY & HAPPY.

Madhur Bhav completes 3 years this February.when I go down the memory lane, it was February 2013 we started Madhur Bhav. It had been six months,  we had many enquiries but no admissions and I were about to close down. I decided, that I might try a year later. When wandering and lost in these thoughts, the same afternoon, that was August 15th a couple came to enquire. They wanted to admit their uncle and they said he will be travelling from Gujrat. After an initial enquiry, they called me in the evening saying that their uncle will be arriving the same night.I was very happy that Madhur Bhav will be getting its 1st family member. Midnight arrived a man, with rugged clothes , long beard, long hair, palpitation.when I saw him, I thought to myself, whether he would survive even for few days??. The next morning we started his medical treatment. All the blood tests, his hygiene, timely meals and the difference was valid in just a week's time. He started interacting, watching TV. So much so also started scolding the staff for doing their work efficiently. He would keep asking if his ordered materials have arrived or no. Then suggested him to supervise the construction work next to our building.
Sindhi by birth, this old Sindhi man was now young at heart. Walking, Talking, enjoying himself. He also started communicating with his siblings over long phone calls. And not to forget some Sindhi special yet adorable abuses he did and still throws at our staff. We still love him.

A few weeks later a request came from his nephew that we give uncle a  medical fitness certificate, for property matters. They wanted his signature for some papers related to property. His nephew claimed 'good intentions' to protect him from 'so called' relatives. Uncle's monthly membership was paid by him. At the age of 89 also he could sense that something was wrong and he would cry and say “ mera sab loot gaya “  I don't know what happened to his property and everything. But I put myself in his place and thought, 'What if my only son, did this to me when I'm old??' It gave me jitters.
Uncle loves sweets and Has a patent dialogue, Hare Ram “  

Once he fell in the bathroom while having the bath , and then we informed his nephew about it.when they came he narrated “Kuch Nahi pair fisal gaya bathroom main” He has the sense of what is happening around so well!  His hands will raise for blessing whenever any person bows to him,  
Tough extremely stubborn,  he does not want to cut his nails and when we try hard on him he will say,"meri ma pareshan mat karo …. "

One of the therapy is to make them active and to see their resistance for doing things, the idea is not to trouble them but get them active. 

He has the understanding of things happening around the world and at Madhur Bhav, My staff can pick him like a child in hand as he is only 34 kg now and 4.5 ft in height.
 He is having very good cared life and time at Madhur Bhav, He recognises me and when I hold his hands he starts crying, that is our attachment. 
 I wish him good health.  His being has blessed our place. If he would not have been the 1st member at Madhur Bhav, My venture would have been only a dream. He will have a special place in my heart and at our Madhur Bhav house always.