Saturday, 1 October 2016

One story - Two Point of view

It was my regular evening round at Madhur Bhav- meeting
Ageing with Joy
all  seniors, talking to them about life always gives you an insight of new things. It's each time a learning experience. One of my supervisor told me that a new couple has come and they have some issues with the staff, so much that they constantly complain about the facilities, food, services.
I decided to visit them. Both of them were highly educated. The Ajoba  was  High rank officer and his wife was running  trust  for under privileged children . Their son is   Editor of English News Paper. 

I was firstly surprised to see them in Madhur Bhav, I asked them very politely," Ajji what are your problems? Which staff don’t listen to you?" I called supervisor and scolded her in front of them that gave them the confidence that I am someone who they can confine to and rely on. 
After sorting their worries and issues regarding the staff and facilities, I enquired about their background Of all that they shared with me, I realized that, all their life, they lived in a Bunglow of 8 rooms with garden (Bonsai) which they mentioned with pride. But in last few days   they got in the facility which is confined to one room with small cupboards and spaces .they were unhappy about the arrangement. This was done by their son to sell the property and so he brought in medical assisted living for them, without taking them in to confidence.
Question to me here is, what was the haste to sell the property? What kind of emotional trauma parents must have gone through while adjusting in the new set up? I shared this with a young boy at the Madhur Bhav. He said, that he have kept his parents in five star facility and not thrown on street. Why crib?
And I realize
Generation gap will prevail!! All generations.

After two years ajoba passed away and his son could not come , that gave ajji so much pain that she became numb after that and passed away within two months.