Monday, 27 March 2017

Small Poojan in "Shravan"

Let’s not get into generation gaps, expectations, disappointments and morals, etc, etc, etc. keeping it simple, it’s about seeing a twinkle of happiness in someone’s eyes. Knowing that you can make them smile and happy. And trust me, it doesn’t take much to make someone happy.nd getting that feeling at MadhurBhav house is more special. With the seniors of our house; making them smile and seeing them content is a priceless feeling. Each time we get an opportunity we try our best to grab it and spread Happiness. After all that is what, we live for, that is what ensures their wellbeing.

So, we were having a general conversation, and Mrs Deshpande shared a wonderful experience with me. Two days ago at MadhurBhav, one of the senior was extremely quiet and not in his usual charming and fun mood. He normally isn’t always someone serious and loner type. He will always keep himself busy, spend time with fellow housemates, and be active throughout. His routine medical check up that day also prompted high blood pressure. The Nurse was on her regular round and she informed, Mrs.Deshpande that there definitely is something in his head, that is upsetting him. Always confronting them does not work; they don’t want to shed their layers of hurt or worries, according to our convenience. So she tried a different way. She spoke to some members of the house, some he interacts with closely and shares a nice bond. Then it came to light that, his son had hosted a ” Satya Narayan Pooja”  and he thought he would be invited and taken home at least for the day, he would have lunch with them and then in the evening return to MadhurBhav. Instead, his son came with the “Prasad” for him and that broke his heart.

This is not what made me think, about his son, him, their behaviours, everything put aside. What caught my attention is how MadhurBhav dealt with this.

What the family at Madhurbhav understood was, he was missing being around his people, doing what he loves, worshiping his deity, being around in that auspicious environment and doing the pooja.

So here is what they did, they organised for a Satyanarayana pooja. Involved him in all the preparations, made him take the lead of the little programme. He very willingly participated and performed the pooja with our centre in charge (of Nere) Mr.Vitthal Karan gale.

“His eyes were full of joy, the sight of his happiness was beyond expression. It gives immense satisfaction to fulfil their little dreams at MadhurBhav. It’s their home and it always will be. 
”, said Mrs.Deshpande

The staff and leadership of serving seniors with utmost care and dedication, at MadhurBhav is a known factor but; having the understanding, sensing and smartly dealing with such delicate situations, concerning the seniors. This is commendable because this is possible only if you believe that the people there are your family and giving them that love and affection aren't your duty, but priority.

I have always believed, the love that lasts forever isn’t the one that is always around, it’s the one that emerges from the very roots of one’s soul and connects to others. That is the kind of love shared at MadhurBhav.

Keep spreading joy & love. J

Content credits – Mayuri Narayan Ambekar

Thursday, 16 March 2017

"सोप्या आयुष्या पेक्षा,आनंदी आयुष्य महत्वाचे."

"Ageing with Joy"
मधुरभाव मधे, अनेकदा स्टाफ मेमबर्स,आजी-आजोबा, यांना संवाद साधताना पाहिले. एकमेकाच्या सहवासात हसताना, प्रत्येक क्षण जागताना पाहिले. खरचं हेवा वाटतो! आणि मनात सहज विचार येऊन जातो. कुठेतरी टेक्नोलॉजी, स्मार्टफोन, सोशलिस्ट होण्यात आपण ही मज्जा गमावून बसलोय. प्रत्येक क्षणाची आठवण बनवण्यात ईतके मग्न झालोय की, ते समोर असताना, निसटून जातात तरी समजत नाही.  नक्कीच ही काळाची गरज आहे. सोप्या आयुष्याचे साधन आहे. आता हेच पाहा, माझे हे विचारही मी या आधुनिक माध्यमातून आणि पद्धतीने मांडत आहे. ईतकच वाटते, की सोप्या आयुष्याची सवय अशी झाली आहे की आनंदी आयुष्याचे स्वपन धुरकट होत चालले आहे. म्हणतात ना, वडीलधार्यांकडून घेण्या सारखे खुप असते. आज एक नवा धडा मिळाला,  "सोप्या आयुष्या पेक्षा,आनंदी आयुष्य महत्वाचे." ही वाट धरून पाहूयात,ईतर पळवाटा सोडूयात.


कळत -नकळत कुठे  धाव घेतली  आहे ?
थोडा विचार  केला ,
की समजेल,
आश्चर्य  नक्कीच  वाटेल.
जमले तर बघू,वेळ नाही. "         
आहो,वेळ आपल्या  साठी आहे,
आपण  वेळे साठी नाही!  
बोलायचे आहे! पण, शब्द सापडत नाही."  
अंतकरणी शोधून  पाहा,
फेसबुक अन् व्हाॉट्सएप वर नाही.   
प्रेमाची  परिभाषा  बदलली  म्हणतात,
खरे तर  तिव्रता अटली आहे त्यातली,
ईमोजीज,अपडेटस अन् त्या  धडधडणार्या मोठया लाल ह्रुदयात घुसमटले आहे  सारे
गाठायचे असेल,तर आभाळही गाठाता येते,
पण,मनातच नसेल,
तर पळवाट ही शोधावीचं लागते.

Saturday, 11 March 2017

The Fear of being unwanted while alive

Reassurance of Life

Fear! All of us have a fear of something or the other. The most common thing that all of us fear is ‘Death’.  Young, children, elders, old-aged, all of us .let’s give this a thought. where this feeling of fear is born from? I believe it takes birth from the womb of ‘Expectations’.
Yes! How much ever we try to deny, we all expect, may be at different phases in life, but we do. It’s an inborn quality or a natural human tendency. From a naïve age, we all become a part of this circle, child expects from the parent, then the parent expects from the child,, culture expects us to follow certain traditions as a family,  in turn, family expects something from society etc. it is always existing around us, knowingly or unknowingly. Along with these never ending expectations, follow disappointments. And these are inevitable. But; for a fact, this is what makes us Indian’s very distinct from others. We are always attached, bonded, strongly tied to relations and hence so warm, loving and welcoming.
But, ages have passed, changes are happening. So are the feelings transforming? Presence and dealings of two generations are becoming complicated, yet simple if we try to take a closer look.
It was a normal day at Madhur bhav, in afternoon arrives a tiny eyed old lady with her son. She was taking a round of the premises. I observed her from afar, her eyes were seeking something. She later informed Ms Anuja (our staff member) that she was willing to stay with us.  Madhur bhav is a place that provides shelter with medicated care and all other amenities, facilities to seniors, whose families are away, who have no one to look after  them,  take care of them or whose children have time constraints and do not want them to suffer as they cannot give them enough time and required assistance. Basically, it’s open for all. People come in for various reasons. This lady had a clear decision that she did not want to be lonely and depressed with the family around yet not so around her. Thanks to the changed times, a race of ambition, thoughts and practicality.  She claimed, no one had time to talk to her, cater her little needs on time, so she did not want to be a nagging factor and Instead would be happy with people of her age here.
Mrs Joshi (Name changed) was enjoying her stay at Madhur bhav house. She had engaged herself in various activities along with other seniors. We here, try to keep our members active by engaging them in different tasks like, sewing, plantations, supervisions etc. this gives them a sense of meaningful living which is very important. Suddenly one day she fell ill, tough it was a normal fever, when I visited her, I was surprised! I saw a different lady altogether; Disappointed and nervous. I asked one of the staff members, what was it about and they informed no one had visited her from the family, which left her completely disheartened. I went to her, with dread in her eyes, she looked up to me and asked, “Will I be alright again? What if I die? I am scared.” I hugged her and assured that she is going to be perfectly fine. I informed,”Aaji the doctor who diagnosed you said you are so fit and healthy that you will live for another 10/20 years.”  She smiled and started murmuring a song, “Tujhya angaanat shevat che gaaney majhe.”  Tears rolling down her cheeks she said, “More than any medicines, this loving touch and few minutes you spend talking to me,  makes me feel better, I will not leave you and go anywhere.”
 There I thought to myself, she raised her kids so well, they are living a fulfilled, healthy and happy life. She has done all she could in her life, yet why is she fearing Death?  And her words echoed in my ears again, and I found my answer, the fear wasn’t about death, it was about not being wanted and accepted, while she was alive. The feeling she went through when her kids, her very own family did not visit her when she was ill, and she EXPECTED a little care, love and affection from them.
Since then I decided, we will try to make our members fearless of this feeling by always being there by them, may what come. Until they start believing that death won’t be an end, it will be a new beginning to their life.  

Feel free to visit Madhur bhav and spread happiness.
Content Credits: Mayuri.Ambekar