Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Tribute to Madhur Bhav Barbie Doll

Loveable  Barbie
Tribute to most lovable Ajji of Madhur Bhav.
 When Madhur bhav has just started in flats in society, where one senior Ajji came for few days, as her son was visiting US.She was very fair, good looking, barbie Doll and she would sing pasaydan very well. She went back home after a month , she  would carry her stuff in bag , oil , bath soap, brush , comb and she will pick up from other Ajji’s cupboard too .  I used to wonder why she is like that and may be her nature to save the things for future.  She had mild attack and so again she got admitted to Madhur Bhav and was resident of Madhur Bhav for long two  & half years. She was very complaining type and wanted to utilize all our services as she claims that she pays here to get all those services. Like medicines, foods, bath, break-fast in time, even if you are late by 5 min in giving medicines, she would shout at staff and curse them and then all of mosuhi used to get upset with her.  She was fond of knitting and when I asked her that will she be able to make handkerchief for me , she immediately  agree and then what she started making it for everybody and then she would complain that I have not got good quality wool and color too , The small intervention of mine gave relieve to staff also she would engross in knitting and stop calling my staff every now and then .I was more attached to her as she would bless me and ask  “ sunbai kadhi Yenar “  she will say when your moushi gives me bath she does not wash properly . She would know all her medicines and she will say BP chi goli kuthe and you simple can’t fool her by giving any other tablet. as soon as she finish her dinner she needs medicines before even her hand gets dry … Days were passing by her moment got restricted and she would come for exercise and sit quietly without any moments and she will seek attentions of all visitors and guest, we celebrated her 86th Birthday and where everybody sang songs and she was very happy with moments. Later she went on kidney failure, since her son was doctors and had started giving treatment on his own and would follow up. As one day he requested to shift to another home to take care for more medical assisted living home, I did not like for moving her from Madhur Bhav as thought may her last breath be at Madhur Bhav only, since he insisted and we agree to shift her on first of Jan . As expected a phone call from her son came to visit her as she is remembering me so much and can you visit her she got in complications and not survived even 8 days.  I felt she should have been Madhur Bhav for her last Voyage.
Madhur Bhav has much more such interesting stories to share